Album: U.S.M60/1/A
Released:      31 Oct 1986
Format:          LP Vinyl
LP pressed:   France
Genre:            Rock

Hang 10                                     R&R
A1 Surfin' Offa Saigon               B1 Sputnik Rock
A2 Do The Surf                          B2 Does It Fer Money
A3 Paradise Cowboy                 B3 Napalm Blues

Album: Songs Charly Dont Like!
Released:      May 1985
Format:          LP Cassette
LP pressed:   Bristol, UK
Genre:            Rock

Album recorded live at The Old Lock & Weir

Mystery Man                                        Paradise Cowboy
Surfin' Offa Saigon                              Burp Burp
Midnight Hour                                       Minnie the Moocher
Napalm Blues                                      Stranded in the Jungle
Surfin' USA                                           If You Dont Wanna Hurt Me Baby (Baby Ferk Off)
Sweet Home (Fishponds) Chicago